"Allow your focus on relationships, events and objects to relax. See that your self, your own being, is present, quietly shining, in the background of all experience. That is peace itself. That is the abode of love and happiness."


It is my daily experience that heartfelt human interchange is a  priceless gift. 

It can be like a gentle catalyst that allows the deeply ingrained belief of "me" as a separate-self to relax into its source. 

Soaking in this Peace, that mind cannot understand, is like flooding the system with fresh Life Energy; like charging the batteries, like waking up from the dream and hypnotism of body-mind-world, here and now. Nothing has changed, and everything is different.

Feel Welcome,


"Spiritual Concessions"... Does it sound dirty or cheesy?
The word "concession" is used to express the impossibility of using correct words for the nameless, formless Presence and Awareness that we are, as I am.

Thank you for your interest, your feedback, for taking the time to share.